AF1 (discontinued)

Little ASCOM supported autofocuser box with everything you need for pinpoint stars! AF1 was developed in November 2018 and comes with very compact enclosure, which enables a lot of freedom when mounting. The box contains a professionally made electronics on a printed circuit, which provides great longterm reliability. And with our ever growing list of mounting adapters, it's still our best value for money autofocusing unit for stress-free sessions. Not finding your focuser on the list of already available mount adapters? Not a problem - our unique custom adapter design service is still available for a small additional fee.

IMPORTANT: AF1 and AF2 were replaced by AF3, link.



  ASCOM supported
  INDI supported
  INDIGO supported
  custom step size
  speed control
  coils control
  current control
  settle buffer option
  compact design (44.5mm x 48.5mm x 49mm)
  tested in extreme conditions (-30C)

You are getting

  MXL 20T pulley
  EXTRA: mounting adapter
  EXTRA: color customization
recommended power adapter: 12V (1A min) with 5.5mm x 2.1mm plug (not included)
connectivity: Mini USB cable (not included)