Little ASCOM supported autofocuser box with everything you need for pinpoint stars! AF1 was developed in November 2018 and comes with very compact enclosure, which enables a lot of freedom when mounting. The box contains a professionally made electronics on a printed circuit, which provides great longterm reliability. And with our ever growing list of mounting adapters, it's still our best value for money autofocusing unit for stress-free sessions. Not finding your focuser on the list of already available mount adapters? Not a problem - our unique custom adapter design service is still available for a small additional fee.

NEW: v1.2.1



  ASCOM supported
  INDI supported
  custom step size
  speed control
  coils control
  current control
  settle buffer option
  compact design
  tested in extreme conditions (-30C)

You are getting

  MXL 20T pulley
  EXTRA: mounting adapter
  EXTRA: color customization
recommended power adapter: 12V (1A min) with 5.5mm x 2.1mm plug (not included)
connectivity: Mini USB cable (not included)

Mounting adapters

Skywatcher 200P

B87MXL timing belt

Skywatcher ED80

B87MXL timing belt

Skywatcher ED80 DS-PRO

B87MXL timing belt

TPO 2" Crayford

B87MXL timing belt

WO Zenith Star 61

B93MXL timing belt

WO 60mm photoline

B93MXL timing belt

WO Star 71mm F/4.9

B91MXL timing belt

WO GT71 F/4.7

B91MXL timing belt


B95MXL timing belt

Starlight FeatherTouch 2"

B84MXL timing belt

Baader Diamond Steeltrack

B92MXL timing belt

Altair Astro 6" F9 RC

B91MXL timing belt

JMI Event Horizon EV1n

B87MXL timing belt

Moonlite CF dual speed Crayford

B92MXL timing belt

Opticstar ARX200 f/3.9

B93MXL timing belt

For mounting any of adapters to the OTA, client is responsible for providing longer replacement bolts.


Tudor Chibacu


“An awesome piece of gear made by an astrophotographer for astrophotographers. Fully ASCOM ready and custom 3D printed mounting platform”

Ulrich Metz


“New autofocuser from on my new TS 60 APO. Perfect fit, all i need is a #clearsky.”

Murat Sana


“Deepskydad ascom motofocus made by my friend It’s an overkill unit for the price and works flawlessly even in low temperatures.”

“This product is 100% plug-and-play. I copied the suggested settings in SGP and on the very first test run I achieved perfect focus (confirmed with a bahtinov mask). Pavle also worked with me to custom design a mounting plate that seamlessly fit upon arrival. It really is an astrophotographer's dream!”

“Fantastic, simple to use design, plug and play. Customer support is excellent with regular updates on the build of your custom unit.”

“I was able to collect approximately 40 hrs of exposures and still got enough sleep. I recommended your focuser on local astronomy forum.”

“The APT autofocus routine worked very well straight away and achieved a perfect enough focus on the Pleiades to reveal my slightly twisted spider vane (to be replaced!). All in all the autofocuser worked very well and took about 20 minutes to mount and install.”

“Amazing piece of gear that has seen me leave my rig out all night capturing data while I happily sleep away! I was able to get it working flawlessly with my gear achieving hands off perfect focus.”

“I used AF1 "in the field" first time last weekend. It worked wery well. I tried focus with Bahtinov mask first, took a few photos and after that ran the APT autofocus procedure. The focusing was much more precise. The coma in the corners of pictures was completely lost. Thank you for a great accessories.”

“I gave my AF1 its first field test last night, and it worked great! It certainly helped that my focuser was all cleaned and adjusted, but I found that the AF1 did an excellent job with it. I had it autofocusing with SGP, and it worked just fine. There was no evidence of slipping or missed steps, and it autofocused perfectly compared to my Bahtinov on several targets.”



free shipping

  • 1x autofocuser unit
  • 1x pulley
  • no mounting*

Autofocuser + adapter

free shipping

  • 1x autofocuser unit
  • 1x L bracket
  • 1x pulley
  • 1x timing belt
  • 1x mount adapter***

*mounting not included and is up to the customer. We recommend that you use L bracket that comes with the unit to mount the box to your focuser.
**please contact us in case you need custom designed mount adapter. We can discuss the measurement, possible solutions and timeline for your very own custom 3D printed mount adapter.
***you can choose from already designed and tested mount adapter for a few of the most popular OTA focusers.