Lens Auto Focuser (LAF)

Lens Auto Focuser is a successor of our Wide Field Focus System. Main characteristics:
  • very compact (single ALU profile rail)
  • durable (single ring was stress tested up to 20kg of weight, see photo below)
  • AF3 is mounted under the lens and connected to the custom 3D printed ring for great grip - just like with our RedCat aufocuser
  • guide scope is mounted above the lens/camera, via compression ring with shoe
  • you can connect the aluminium profile to your existing dovetail OR we can provide you 3D printed, aluminium reinforced dovetail
Our setup is already tested with Samyang 135 f/2, but can be adapted to any kind of lens/camera combo, so do not hesitate to contact us. No more improvised mounting solutions and carrying Bahtinov masks in your pocket!

You are getting

  ALU profile
  Lens mounting ring
  Camera mounting ring
  Guide scope mounting ring
  Belt, pulley and lens MXL ring
  ALU reinforced mini dovetail (optional - you can also use your own, e.g. vixen, losmandy, etc.)

Need solution for your lens?

We can prepare a mounting ring for different lenses.

Contact us!

The story

Widefield has become my latest passion in astrophotography. Especially during the winter, when there are not many prominent galaxies. Wider FOV can really put deep sky objects into a better perspective, for example the famous Orion with its countles beautiful nebulae and Barnard's loop, Taurus with its molecular cloud etc. Setting everything up was a bit trickier than I expected. I attached the lens to my ZWO ASI1600 with a 3rd party EF to T2 adapter. But there are no rings or dovetails for mounting! Additionally, there is no space to mount the autofocuser or guider.