AF1 - v1.2.1 release notes

This version fixes the whining noise of the AF1. Big thanks to Gerrit Barrere, who identified the issue and helped us solve it.

Firmware (download, instructions)

  • Motor noise fix. The PWM frequency of pin 6, which controls the current was changed from audible 1kHz to inaudible 64kHz. Details: the upgrade required moving the timing functions from Timer 0 to Timer 2, as the pin 6 is bound to the Timer 0.

ASCOM (download)

  • Firmware version v1.2.1 is backward compatible with ASCOM driver v1.2.0. So if you already upgraded to the v1.2.0, you are good to go :)

INDI (instructions)

  • INDI driver v1.0 is compatible with firmware version 1.2.1. The speed selection will be added to the INDI driver in the future.