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About me

My name is Pavle Gartner, I am a software engineer and amateur astronomer based in Slovenia. Astronomy has been my passion since I was little. We often watched summer Perseids with my brother on clear summer nights as they entered our atmosphere and burned up, leaving only a green tinted trail. The most astounding memory I have is of comet Hale–Bopp, which was a naked sky object for amazing 18 months.

When I look at the clear night sky, I always wonder who is looking back. In last few years I started with astrophotography, which enables me to explore the wonders of the sky and share them with you. It has become my big passion and number one hobby. Imaging deep sky objects is like entering a time machine - when ancient photons from the remotest corners of our Universe hit the camera sensor and reveal even the faintest details, the feeling is amazing. I love to share my passion and experience with people so feel free to drop me en email or PM me on any of the social networks.

Software development


Development of full stack websites, specializing in intranet business applications as my daytime job.


Control software for various astronomy products.


I specialize in implementation of ASCOM drivers, making the hardware accessible to the masses.

+ Years of astrophotography
+ Photographs taken
+ Hours of exposure