Autofocuser 2 (discontinued)

Listening to your feedback we developed a next generation autofocusing unit with WiFi connectivity and optional accessories - wired hand remote controller and temperature probe. Now even manual focus changes using your mobile phone/tablet are so simple that even a toddler can do it (check our Youtube channel for a demonstration on a prototype unit). At the same time it is also retaining mounting compatiblity with our older units, so upgrading to AF2 is as simple as swaping the units - no need to change mount adapters or belts.

IMPORTANT: AF1 and AF2 were replaced by AF3, link.



  ASCOM supported
  INDI supported
  INDIGO supported
  custom step size
  speed control
  coils control
  current control
  wifi connectivity
  hand controller (optional)
  temperature probe (optional)
  settle buffer option
  compact design (44.5mm x 48.5mm x 57mm)

You are getting

  MXL 20T pulley
  EXTRA: mounting adapter
recommended power adapter: 12V (1A min) with 5.5mm x 2.1mm plug (not included)
connectivity: Micro USB cable (not included)

AF1 vs AF2


AF2 full package

Custom opensource firmware
ASCOM driver
size (mm) 44.5 x 48.5 x 49 44.5 x 48.5 x 57
weight (g) 168 172
L bracket
Timing belt
Existing adapter 20€ 20€
Custom adapter 40€ 40€
USB connectivity Mini USB Micro USB
Wifi remote control
Temperature probe
Manual remote controller