Autofocuser 2 firmware upgrade

Firmware upgrade is a simple yet delicate procedure. That is way I have put together simple and straightforward step-by-step instructions for installing the latest version of our ASCOM budget autofocuser firmware.


Please follow upgrade instructions very carefully. Deviating from the instructions could cause bootloader issues or in worse case unresponsive focuser unit, for which we are not responsible.

Step 1

Connect the autofocuser unit directly to computer (do not use USB hub). In device manager check which COM port was assigned to it and write it down. If autofocuser is not recognized, check FAQ for details.

Step 2

Download the latest firmware.

Step 3

Download and unzip AF2 Control Panel v1.0.0

Step 4

Start AF2 control panel as administrator and enter following settings:
  • COM port - choose COM port that you have written down
  • DSD file - choose previously downloaded firmware file (with .dsd suffix)

Step 5

Click "Upload". You will will be able to see the progress in the output texbox on the right. After the upload is finished, you shoulg get output similar to this:
If the upload will fail, you will get the error message in the output window to the right too. For example, should you still be connecdted to the unit in some other program and tried to upload the firmware:

Step 6

If you upgraded the minor firmware version (change in last number, e.g. from v1.0.0 to v1.0.1), there is no need to upgrade ASCOM/INDI driver. If you upgraded the major version (change in either of first 2 numbers, e.g. from v1.0.0 to v1.1.0), you will need to install the latest ASCOM/INDI driver too.