Autofocusing solutions

We are striving to provide the astrophotographers across the globe with affordable autofocusing solutions, which can greatly improve the automation aspect of the capture process. AF3 autofocuser is the latest in the family of our autofocusers, based on your feedback and our experience. It is based on the cutting edge stepper driver technology and is best of the autofocusers so far. But stay tuned for more! In the future we plan to release AF3 Pro with features to further simplify the process.

Below are different autofocusing solutions that we offer to our customers. From simple crayford adapters, WO Redcat to custom solutions, tailored to your needs.

Microfocus knob belt drive

By connecting the motor pulley directly to the microfocusing knob, we are trying to make attaching the autofocuser as seamless as possible. This method is quite unintrusive, as it does not require focuser axis knob dissasembly, attaching directly to the axis shaft via coupler, etc. In our experience, belt slipping is a non-issue due to little force required. If the belt tension is appropriate, autofocusing works like a charm. This approach has following pros:

  • compact mounting balance-wise in comparison to shaft mounting, which protrudes away from the telescope tube.
  • driving microfocusing knob does not require a lot of force. This means that autofocuser motor can be quite small and does not require gearbox.
  • if you racked the focuser in/out and keep on moving the motor by mistake, it is not strong enough to damage any parts of the focuser shaft (motor starts skipping steps). With coupler connected to the focuser axis directly this could not be the case. Usually stronger motor or even a gearbox is involved to drive the shaft directly. This could result in damage to the gearbox, coupler or in worse case focuser itself.

William Optics cats series

The brand new William Optics cat telescopes are an alternative to the widefield lens shooting with 250mm of focal length. With the helical focuser, focusing can be quite time consuming process even with the Bahtinov mask (especially with narrowband filters). Our autofocuser will save you time and frustration by providing pinpoint stars on your beautiful photos of the cosmos. Our AF3 unit is mounted via 3D printed adapter to the utility holes on the black compression ring. It is also includes modular guide scope shoes, which are compatible with v1 and v2 ring. We designed the bracket so that the whole setup is nicely balanced even when the autoguider is mounted.