WO RedCat Autofocuser

The brand new William Optics RedCat telescope is an awesome widefield telescope, with great looking stars from corner to corner. To help you make those stars look pinpoint on your beautiful photos of the cosmos, we are in the progress of developing an autofocusing solution for this little telescope. Autofocuser is mounted via 3D printed adapter to the utility holes on the black ring. It is designed so that an optional autoguider can still be put on the top of it via longer bolts, so you do not loose any flexibility. Stay tuned for the field test!

AF1 vs AF2


AF2 full package

Custom opensource firmware
ASCOM driver
size (mm) 45 x 36 x 50 45 x 36 x 57
weight (g) 168 172
L bracket
Timing belt
Existing adapter 20€ 20€
Custom adapter 40€ 40€
USB connectivity Mini USB Micro USB
Wifi remote control
Temperature probe
Manual remote controller