EAF SpaceCat Dovetail kit - assembly instructions

Step 1

Parts required:
  • 1x ZWO EAF
  • 1x 3D printed 16T MXL pulley

Put the pulley onto the shaft. One of the bolts should be aligned with the shaft straight surface.

Tighten the set bolts carefully.

Step 2

Parts required:
  • 1x ZWO EAF
  • 1x 3D printed mounting plate
  • 2x 3D printed spacers
  • 2x 8mm M4 bolts

Slide the 1mm spacer into the mounting plate

Slide the EAF into the mounting plate. Pay attention to holes orientation.

Attach the EAF to the mounting plate with 2x 8mm M4 bolts.

Step 3

Parts required:
  • 1x RedCat/SpaceCat/WhiteCat
  • 1x 3D printed helical focuser MXL ring
  • 2x 10mm M3 bolt

Attach the 3D printed ring onto the helical focuser facing the back of the telescope. The side of the ring facing the back of the telescope must be in line with the beginning of the helical focuser rubber ring. Tighten 2x M3 bolts carefully.

Step 4

Parts required:
  • 1x dovetail
  • 1x RedCat/SpaceCat/WhiteCat
  • 1x ALU extension block
  • 2x 50mm M6 bolts

Put the extension block between the motor & dovetail assembly and the telescope, attach the dovetail with 2x M6 bolts. Do not tighten the bolts yet.

Step 5

Parts required:
  • 1x RedCat/SpaceCat/WhiteCat with dovetail
  • 1x EAF
  • 2x 16mm M6 bolts
  • 1x MXL timing belt

Slide motor & dovetail assembly so that the 3D printed pulley is in line with the 3D printed ring. Tighten down all 4 M6 bolts.

Slide the timing belt onto the telescope from the front. Put it over and onto the 3D printed pulley. Leave the upper part of the belt in front of the 3D printed ring teeth.

Now put the rest of the belt onto the 3D printed ring. Work by going through the length of the belt gradually. Some force should be required.

  • if you can put the belt on too easily, there is not enough tenison. Replace the 1mm spacer with 0.5mm spacer (Step 2).
  • if you cant get the belt onto the ring, there is too much tension. Add 0.5mm spacer between the EAF and the 3D printed mounting plate (Step 2)

Step 9 (optional)

Parts required:
  • 1x RedCat/SpaceCat/WhiteCat
  • 1x v1 ring guide scope shoe
  • 2x 8mm M4 low head profile bolts

Put the guide scope shoe onto the v1 ring and align it with the holes.

Tighten the bolts.

Attach the guide scope

Happy guiding! :)

Thats it! Happy autofocusing!