DC hub

DC hub, your friend in solving cable mess!

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  12V 1-4A (built in 4A fuse)
  1x input
  3x output
  Standard 2.1mm DC barrel jack (all 4 ports)


  Length: 84.5mm
  Width: 24.5mm
  Height: 30mm
DC (male) - DC (male) cables are required to connect the devices to the output ports (not included)

The story

Cable management can be a nightmare in astrophotography. USB hub is essential for cleaning up the mess. But every powered device still has an extra cable running up from the outlets. In my case, I needed to power the camera cooler, autofocuser and USB hub. And that is how Deep Sky Dad DC hub was created. The design is simple - 1 input and 3 outputs with 4A built in fuse and compact 3D printed housing without any bolts or glue.